The Shows - Ragtime



New York Times by Naomi Siegel

"David Hess's Father bristles with self-righteous virtue." by Michael Dale

"David Hess is sympathetic in the rather thankless role of Father, a man who sees his elitist way of life slipping away from him." by David Finkle

"Hess sings beautifully as Father and captures the fellow's male intransigence."

Talkin' Broadway by Bob Rendell

"David Hess gives a three dimensional quality to the hidebound Father by carefully delineating Father's cluelessness and not very successful attempts to overcome his prejudices. As lead singer in the rich ensemble piece "New Music," Hess perfectly captures Father's dilemma."

Time Off by Stuart Duncan

"David Hess finds just the right mixture of obstinance and ego as the father in New Rochelle." by John Kenrick

"David Hess gives real human dimension to the mostly unsympathetic role of Father."

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