The Shows - JaneEyre

Best Actor in a Principal Role - San Francisco Bay Area Critics Award

Best Actor in a Principal Role - Goodman Choice Award

San Francisco Chronicle by Robert Hurwitt

"...It reaps particular rewards in the richly emotive vocals and dynamic tension between Margaret Nichols' Jane and David Hess' Rochester (Hess played the male lead opposite Reba McEntire in Annie Get Your Gun) ... She's beautifully matched by Hess in emotional intensity, mutual electricity and vocal clarity."

San Jose Mercury news by Karen D'Souza

"As the mysterious lord of the manor, Hess strikes a potent balance between troubled and dashing. His brooding Rochester and Nichols' tremulous Jane seem utterly different yet perfectly matched ... Jane Eyre lives or dies in the tender exchanges between its unlikely lovers. And in this TheatreWorks incarnation, those moments have the power to take your breath away."

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