The Shows - Grand Hotel

Best Actor in a Principal Role - Barrymore nominee



Backstage West by David-Edward Hughes

"Montevecchi ... is matched by the exquisitely acted and sung Baron of David Hess, who brings to mind an equal mix of vintage Robert Preston, Jack Cassidy, and the great John Barrymore from the film."

Seattle Post Intelligence by Mary R. Martin

"Standout performers are ... romantic lead David Hess ... Hess is brash, buoyant, and kindhearted as an impoverished Baron and sometime jewel thief. He is an especially good match with Powell in dance and vocals."

The Reporter by Ray Fulmer

"Heading the bevy of talented vocalists is David Hess as Felix Von Gaigern. Hess, whose baron lives by his wits, brings to the Grand Hotel, a magnificent voice that rattles the timbers of the historic Walnut Street Theatre."

The Herald by Diane Wright

"David Hess plays her and Otto's champion, Baron Felix, with a powerful humanity and even a bit of swashbuckling derring-do."

Seattle Weekly

"David Hess is wittily roguish as the tragically noble Baron."

Houston Chronicle by Everett Evans

"David Hess brings a strong voice and persuasive acting to the Baron."

Aisle Say by Claudia Perry

"David Hess, a handsome, strong baritone, beautifully builds his character of the Baron. At first he is merely charming, but when he falls in love with Elizaveta Grushinskaya, the ballerina, he becomes an ardent lover. He then illicits our pathos as a trapped, tragic figure of a man trying to do the wrong thing, but ending up doing the right."

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