The Shows - The 39 Steps



The Aspen Business Journal by Karen Connington

"The show's director ... David Hess, Daddy Warbucks in last year's Theatre Aspen production of Annie, returned with same presence and force, this time in a role poles apart. Not surprising if you peruse his credits (including Sweeney Todd, Ragtime, and TV's The Good Wife)."

The Aspen Times by Stewart Oksenhorn

"David Hess deserves more than just critical praise; he earns a medal of valor. In his first outing as a director, he has taken on a play with a menacing number of moving parts - and the role of leading man as well. He is up to the task."

The Patriot-News by Lewis Silverman

"David Hess, as Richard Hannay, portrays the classic gentleman hero in search of adventure. A veteran Broadway actor, Hess gives a performance that is uncanny and with just the right touch of British charms."

The Press Focus by Christina Perryman

"David Hess is marvelous as Richard Hannay. His character is funny, smooth with the ladies and clever in his attempts to escape the police."

The Intelligencer Journal by Jane Holahan

"David Hess is appropriately suave throughout, and Joan Hess is beautiful and tough in her different roles. They have some delightful moments, especially when they are handcuffed to each other."

The Broad Street Review by Jackie Atkins

"David Hess keeps his Richard Hannay character glib, earnest, with a stiff upper lip and agile torso."

The Philadelphia by Tim Dunleavy

"Terrific is David Hess, who plays the character with the requisite stiff upper lip."


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